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The members of our team are athletes at heart.

As a triathlete and engineer Philipp had a vision. Together with Max he decided to found TRIQ and invest in revolutionizing the way triathletes and other endurance athletes train. With Dr. Dan on board the company’s core was set. What started with these three founders has since become a powerful equipe of multifaceted experts determined to create a triathlon training app so smart and intuitive, it will reinvent the integration of training in our daily lives. This group of energetic people with unique skill sets is ready to shape the future.

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Data Scientist

Engineer, data architect and software developer with experience around the globe—he is made to tackle all possibilities of TRIQ. As a triathlon workout he’d be a “Triple Wetsuit Brazil Temperature Simulation Long Swim”.


CFO / Board Member

As result-oriented, persistent and structured monitor of numbers, legal cornerstone and traveller he has his eyes on space next. If he was a triathlon workout he'd be a "Chinese Wall Half Marathon Long Walk".


Founder / Head of Sports Science

As sports scientist, Kona age group record holder and world-class coach Dan shapes our app and content in countless ways. If he was a triathlon workout he'd be a "NZ Dan Cave Virtual Cycling Full Send".


Head of Software Engineering

Refined by a global career in software and app development he's the sunny natured epitome of fast and thorough programming. If he was a triathlon workout he'd be a "Brazilian Coast Shark Karate Interval Swim".


Product Designer

This detail-oriented and internationally molded UX and UI expert analyzes and crafts stunning interfaces to make complexity feel simple. As a triathlon workout he'd be a "Skate-Run-Skate-Run Brick Session".



Seasoned ad man, Swiss army copy knife and ex basketball coach who might just go for a 70.3 just to REALLY test TRIQ. If he was a triathlon workout he'd be a "Berlin Grunewald Late Night Long Run with Foxes".


Data Scientist

The combination of scientific thinking, triathlete and certified coach lets her connect all TRIQ dots no matter their complexity. As a triathlon workout, she'd be a "Bay Area Dawn Patrol Long Run Towards Coffee".


Product Manager

Has built innovative tech products for over ten years and has in-depth automobile knowledge to make TRIQ a self-driving training app. If he was a triathlon workout he'd be a "Casual F to CH Work Commute Long Run".



Shaped TRIQ's strategy and product positioning from day one and now creates sports ecosystem synergies and momentum. If he was a triathlon workout he'd be an "VO2Max-Downhill-Rugby Physique Advantage Bike Ride"


Product Designer

Digitally minded visual visionary able to mind near limitless functionality while simultaneously merging beauty and athletic feel. If he was a triathlon workout he'd be a "Monsanto Park Knee Recovery Brick Session".


Founder / Product Inventor

Triathlete, engineer, perfectionist, motor, mind and initiator behind finally changing triathlon training for the better with TRIQ. As a triathlon workout he'd be a "Casual 45% Incline Bike Ride into Mountain Pass Run".


Lead Data Scientist

Former particle physicist now driven to model triathlon training and recovery via algorithm while becoming an endurance athlete. As a triathlon workout he'd be a "Heavy Breathing Scenic Mountain Long Ride".


Advisor & Sports Scientist

Innovative rethinker of coach-athlete-performance-dynamics and rower—the perfect mind to enrich TRIQ's future training possibilities. As a triathlon workout she'd be an "Offseason Row-Your-Swim Suffer Fest".


Advisor & Sports Scientist

His international research titan status paired with an approachable nature and inspiring curiosity make him a great spark plug for innovation. As a triathlon workout he'd be an "Extra Long Ride to Zwift Fame".


Performance Marketer

With 15+ years experience in building digital businesses he has exactly the right funnel vision to push TRIQ’s reach to the next level. As a triathlon workout he'd be a "Long Bike Ride into Speedflying Cooldown".

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