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TRIQ measures recovery and directly applies it to your training.

Sufficient recovery is key to success in endurance sports. That’s why the TRIQ app includes a daily heart rate variability (HRV) measurement, gathers feedback on motivation and muscle soreness, and asks for the perceived training intensity after each workout. As the first training app in the world, it automatically uses all of this info to immediately adjust the coming training sessions to align with your recovery status.

TRIQ creates and adjusts each training plan individually.

Every athlete is different. Fitness, goals, availability, schedule changes and recovery are all highly individual, so the makers of TRIQ never considered static or stiff, predefined training plans an acceptable option. The TRIQ app is much more like a personal coach. And while it isn’t a human, it more than makes up for it with the ability to dynamically adjust training 24/7 in an instant while taking into account way more information in the blink of an eye than a human can in a day.

TRIQ training works based on world-class sports science.

Dr. Dan Plews (sports scientist, Olympic coach and Kona AG record holder) is one of TRIQ’s founders. His knowledge of scientifically tested endurance training and experience from working with high-level professional athletes are the basis for how TRIQ determines every training session. Our philosophy of training consistently and with the right training intensity distribution is further supported by our advisors and leading experts, Dr. Stephen Seiler and Dr. Ruby Otter-Drost.

TRIQ bases every training decision on your goals.

We believe in training to succeed at something—whether it's to finish a certain triathlon distance or achieve a specific time. Races are milestones, and TRIQ schedules training to get you optimally prepared. Your goal is one of the first things the TRIQ app asks. Based on your current fitness and the amount you’ve been training, it checks if the goal is possible, outlines how much you will have to train per week and sets the roadmap to race day.

By dealing with changes instantly TRIQ keeps you on track.

Plans change, workouts are missed, shortened or lengthened even. Sometimes there’s no pool. No problem. TRIQ moves sessions, changes duration and adjusts like your own 24/7 digital coach. It learns from performance and improves with you. It creates a new training environment that puts athletes fully in charge of the moment. You will always know exactly how to continue towards your goal. TRIQ saves planning hassle and empowers you to enjoy triathlon even more.


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