31. Breisgau Triathlon 2022 Kurzdistanz

Date: 21.08.2022
Disciplines: Swimming 0.7 km · Running 5 km · Cycling 32 km
Location: Riegel, Germany
Type: Triathlon
Day: Sunday

Breisgau Triathlon 2022

The Breisgau Triathlon will be celebrating its thirty-first year on the 21th of August this year. Leading through the winding roads of the pittoresque community of Malterdingen, Freiburg in the south-west of Germany, the tracks meander between the Kaiserstuhl mountain and the famous Black forest. As usual, the competition is organized by Triathlon Nördlicher Breisgau.


To register for the triathlon, participants must fill in a form on the official website. There they can also find prices and a calendar with important dates and appointments during the day of the competition.


As is common with many Triathlons, there are two difficulty settings: the Mitteldistanz or the Jedermanndistanz. The former is middle distance, while the latter is the shorter “everyman’s” distance. Furthermore, the middle distance can also be managed as a team, if it is registered as a relay race.

Swim course

The first race to be mastered is the swim course. As Mitteldistanz, it amounts to 1.9 km of swimming two loops in the Müller-See, a lake at the foot of the Kaiserstuhl. For the shorter Jedermann, participants must complete just one loop of 700 m.

Bicycle course

Next is the bike course; get ready for a challenging 80 km through the valleys and mountains of Breisgau. If 3 laps prove too difficult, the Jedermann offers a more casual 32 km ride through the mountainous region.

Run course

Last but not least is probably the most traditional form of racing: the run course! You can choose between a 21 km and a 5 km long course.
All distances can also be found on the triathlon course maps of the official website!


After the competition, results such as time will be published online, including pictures of the races.
Past results from 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 are also available.

Mitteldistanz Staffel €180.00
Mitteldistanz €150.00
Jedermannsdistanz €70.00

Great triathlon event in Breisgau - Germany

This year, the short-distance triathlon will take place in the north of Breisgau on 21.08.2022. The 32nd triathlon in Breisgau's history is the sporting event of the year that triathletes have been looking forward to for a long time. The triathlon in Breisgau is divided into three major disciplines and will be held on a sunday.

Bike course through Malterdingen

The bike course leads in a circuit through Malterdingen and the surrounding communities. In addition to the beautiful landscape and the sporting challenge, triathletes can expect a 32 km long cycling course, which must be completed in the Breisgau triathlon.

Triathlon swim in Lake Mueller

The upcoming triathlon in Breisgau 2022 contains a 0,7 km long swim through Lake Mueller. From a water temperature of 24.6 degrees it is forbidden to wear a wetsuit.

Run through Malterdingen

On the 5 km short-distance run the triathletes at the Breisgau triathlon 2022 in Germany compete for their personal best time. Every year the Breisgau sport triathlon event returns and is very well known in the tri-community.


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The 31. Breisgau Triathlon 2022 Kurzdistanz will take place on 21.08.2022.

The 31. Breisgau Triathlon 2022 Kurzdistanz takes place in Riegel, Germany.