Collins Cup 2022 - Samorin, Slowakische Republik

Date: 18.08.2022
Disciplines: Swimming 2 km · Running 18 km · Cycling 80 km
Location: Samorin, X-bionic Sphere, Slovakia
Day: Saturday

Collins Cup - What’s That?

The Collins Cup is a team competition in the sport of triathlon, which is organized by the Professional Triathletes Organization (PTO). It is comparable to the Ryder Cup known from golf. In the Ryder Cup, a team of the best golfers in Europe competes against a team of the best golfers in the USA every two years. In the Collins Cup, however, three teams meet, because in addition to Europe and the USA, Team International also participates. There is a lot at stake in the exciting team competition: the teams compete for sporting prestige and also for a total of 2 million US dollars, which is distributed among the athletes.

Where Will The Collins Cup 2022 Take Place?

The exact date and venue for the 2022 Collins Cup have not been announced yet. The first Collins Cup was held in Šamorín (Slovakia) on August 28, 2021. The winner was Team Europe, which won six out of twelve individual races and thus scored the most points. The USA came second ahead of third-placed Team International.

How Does The Collins Cup Work?

The three teams compete against each other in a total of 12 individual races, with each team sending one male or one female athlete into the modified half distance race. In the races, a total distance of 100 km must be covered. First, 2 km are swum, then 80 km have to be completed by bike, before the last 18 km are tackled by running. The winners of a race secure three points for their teams, second place earns two points and third place one point. In addition, bonus points are awarded depending on the time intervals. Victory goes to the team that scores the most points when all twelve races are added up.

Where Will The Collins Cup be Broadcast?

For viewers from Europe, the Collins Cup will probably only be available for a fee via Eurosport 2 or Eurosport Player in 2022. Highlights of the races, replays and much more can also be streamed on and in the App (available for iOS and Android).

Competitors & Teams

Each team is composed of six male and six female athletes. The selection of the athletes is divided into two parts: The four best women and four best men in a region according to the current PTO rankings are automatically assigned to their teams. In addition, the respective team captains select two further female athletes and two further male athletes for their team via the so-called Captain's Picks.

Team Europe

Since the PTO rankings are used to select the athletes, fans can look forward to exciting competitions with the best male and female triathletes. At the 2021 premiere, the field was also peppered with many stars: For Team Europe, for example, Olympic gold medalist and multiple winner of Ironman Hawaii Jan Frodeno competed.


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The Collins Cup 2022 - Samorin, Slowakische Republik will take place on 18.08.2022.

The Collins Cup 2022 - Samorin, Slowakische Republik takes place in Samorin, X-bionic Sphere, Slovakia.