EMBRUNMAN 2022 - France

Date: 15.08.2022
Disciplines: Swimming 3.8 km · Running 42.2 km · Cycling 180 km
Location: Embrun, France
Type: Triathlon
Day: Sunday


One of the oldest and most famous triathlon competitions is the Embrunman Triathlon. Every year since 1984, numerous athletes compete in the various disciplines, bringing to life the Embrunman venue in the Hautes-Alpes. The events starts on the day of the Assumption of Mary, August 15. Beside the full distance triathlon, also a duathlon, a short triathlon and a children's triathlon are offered every year by the organizer Gerald Iacono.

Long Distance Disciplines

Besides the Olympic distance, the Embrunman Triathlon is also held in a long distance version. This is divided into the three disciplines. Swimming (3.8 km) , cycling (180 km) and running (42.2 km)

The Embrunman swimming part takes place in Lac de Serre-Ponçon, the largest water reservoir in the Alpes. Every year, the athletes start at 6 a.m. and fight their way to the finish through the lake, which is equipped with light buoys, until dusk. But the bike distance is also a challenge. Here it is a matter of reaching the highest point, the Col d'lzoard, which lies at an altitude of 2360m. Just like the swim distance, the marathon course has to be run twice.

Embrunman Prize Money

Of course, the participants of the Embrunman Triathlon do not go empty handed. The Embrunman prize money is divided equally between men and women and ranges from four to six figures, depending on the placing.

Distances and time - Embrunman 2021 Results

For athletes the Embrunman Triathlon means hard preparation and maximum discipline. Accordingly, the times that the participants cover in the individual distances are important. For participants of the next Embrunman for 2022 we have summarized below the total and split times of each winner. The split times are always considered in the order of swimming, cycling and running.


  1. Leon Chevalier (FRA) Split times: 49:52/5:38:02/2:55:54 Total time: 9:28:18
  2. Etienne Diemunsch (FRA) Split times: 47:10/5:49:32/2:58:10 Total time: 9:38:07
  3. Andrej Vistica (CRO) Split times: 54:10/5:45:47/2:55:01 Total time: 9:38:27


  1. Carrie Lester (AUS) Split times: 53:49/6:46:58/3:21:38 Total time: 11:06:23
  2. Marion Sicot (FRA) Split times: 1:19:35/6:46:04/3:33:46 Total time: 11:44:46
  3. Gabrielle Zelinka (HUN) Split times: 59:00/7:12:02/3:29:36 Total time: 11:45:31


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The EMBRUNMAN 2022 - France will take place on 15.08.2022.

The EMBRUNMAN 2022 - France takes place in Embrun, France.