Harrow Triathlon

Date: 15.05.2022
Disciplines: Swimming 700m · Cycling 17km · Running 3km
Location: London, UK

What is The Hatch End - Harrow Triathlon?

The Hatch End - Harrow Triathlon is a sports event that is held in North West London. The triathlon is primarily aimed at rather inexperienced triathletes and athletes who are looking for a new challenge away from their actual sport, but more ambitious triathletes can also participate. The event was created in 2000 by the Hatch End Association and has been organized by the Jetstream Tri Club since 2007.

Categories And Distances

The races of the family-oriented sports event are held in different categories and take place near the Hatch End High School. In addition to the adult categories, there are also several races for children and teenagers, divided into different age groups. The adult race is composed of the following sections: First there is a 400m swim, followed by 17km on the bike, before a final 3km run.

Results of The Last Events

In 2020 and 2021, unfortunately, the Hatch End - Harrow Triathlon could not take place because the swimming pool in Hatch End is being renovated and the work is delayed. The race in 2019 was won in the adult group by Patrick Brown, who finished in 45:49 minutes.

Harrow Triathlon 2022

After a two-year break, the next Hatch End - Harrow Triathlon will take place on May 15, 2022. Athletes and fans can find all the important info about registration etc. as well as the latest news about the event on the website www.hatchendtri.com.

How to Train For The Hatch End - Harrow Triathlon

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Registration Cost

Age at 31 Dec Entry Fees
Adult - novice £29/£35

Adult - experienced £29/£35
Youths: 15-16 yrs £15/£14
Tristar 3: 13-14 yrs £12/£11
Tristar 2: 11-12 yrs £12/£11
Tristar 1: 9-10 yrs £10/£9
Tristart: 8 yrs £8/£7
Additional £6 British Triathlon day licence/insurance fee for non-BTF members (£1 reduction for junior BTF members).


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The Harrow Triathlon will take place on 15.05.2022.

The Harrow Triathlon takes place in London, UK.