Helvellyn Triathlon

Date: 12.09.2021
Disciplines: Swimming 1mi · Cycling 38mi
Location: North West, UK
Type: Triathlon
Day: Sunday

Helvellyn Triathlon

Set in the Lake District in England, the Helvellyn triathlon is one of the toughest triathlons in the world, because of the special landscape and weather conditions. Naturally, it attracts triathletes nationwide and worldwide. They want to swim in the lake Ullswater, cycle the Kirkstone pass as well as run up and down the 3118 ft (950 m) of the Helvellyn mountain.

Helvellyn distances

Every sports enthusiast who would like to take part in this triathlon at the Helvellyn mountain in the north of England, can decide whether they would rather do the Aquabike, the individual or the relay distance.

Individual and Relay distance

The participants of the Helvellyn triathlon can decide whether they would like to take part individually or as part of a team. Both options consist of 1-mile-swim (1,6 km), 38 miles of cycling (61,2 km) and a 9-miles-run (14,5 km).


The Helvellyn triathlon offers an Aquabike distance in addition to the usual individual or relay option. Participants also have to complete the swim and the cycle leg of the triathlon. The finish line of - of course - is a different one then.

Helvellyn 2022

The event in 2022 has not yet been confirmed by the government. Therefore, applicants have to be aware that the event permit is pending, it might as well be canceled due to UK Covid-19-restrictions. If you are looking for more information, go to the event’s website by the British Triathlon Federation: www.britishtriathlon.org .

TRIQ Training Plan

Athletes can prepare for the Helvellyn triathlon with a little help from the TRIQ app. It helps you set up your individual training plan. You can also organize your training activities and customize it to the unique challenges of the Helvellyn triathlon.


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The Helvellyn Triathlon will take place on 12.09.2021.

The Helvellyn Triathlon takes place in North West, UK.