Hölle von Q

Date: 05.09.2021
Disciplines: Swimming 2.00km · Cycling 83.00km · Running 21.10km
Location: Ditfurt, Germany
Type: Triathlon
Day: Sunday

Hölle von Q Triathlon

In Quedlinburg, roughly set in the middle of Germany, the Hölle von Q Triathlon (HvQ) attracts triathletes from all over the world every year. The Harz region, with its mountain range and altitude differences, might be considered as the perfect setting for a middle distance triathlon that has the word hell in it.

Hell of a triathlon

The title Hölle von Q has a kind of a double meaning: As the “Hölle” (also meaning hell in English) may just plainly refer to the street right in the heart of Quedlinburg, where the finish line is. Some participants may also take it quite literally, after they have overcome the 3 legs of swimming, cycling and the half marathon.

Quedlinburg triathlon: Distances

In terms of distances, the Hölle von Q triathlon is not different from any other standard middle-distance triathlon. The swim leg takes up 2 kilometres (km), the cycling leg 83 km and the running leg is set as a half marathon (21,1 km).

Finish line: Off to the Hölle of Quedlinburg

The hell part of the Quedlinburg triathlon is especially the altitude difference of 1.400 m that has to be aced by bike. When the participants cross the finish line, they are in the “Hölle” of Quedlinburg, which is the name of the street and this time not to be confused with the actual concept of hell.

HvQ triathlon 2022

Due to Covid-regulations, the number of applicants is restricted. Therefore, tickets might be sold out quickly. More information can be found on the website for the event: www.hoelle-von-q.de

Training plan for athletes

Sport enthusiasts who want to take part in the Hölle von Q Triathlon, might especially want to be prepared for the altitude difference of more than 1.4 km - apart from the usual fitness requirements of the different disciplines. The TRIQ app can help you set up your individual training plan as well as organize your training activities to customize it to the unique challenges of the Hölle von Q Triathlon.


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The Hölle von Q will take place on 05.09.2021.

The Hölle von Q takes place in Ditfurt, Germany.