Inferno Triathlon 2022 - Mürren, Switzerland

Date: 19.08.2022
Disciplines: Swimming 3 km · Running 25 km · Cycling 97/30 km
Location: Thun/Mürren/Schilthorn, Switzerland
Type: Triathlon
Day: Saturday

The Inferno Triathlon

The Inferno Triathlon, with its 5,500 meters of ascent, is one of the most challenging competitions in the sport of triathlon and takes place in the Bernese Oberland (Switzerland). First held in 1998, the triathlon starts in Thun and ends on the Schilthorn, the athletes' village is located in Mürren, as is the office. The transition zones are in Oberhofen, Grindelwald and Stechelberg.

Schedule, Disciplines And Distances

In the course of the Inferno Triathlon, the participants will cover a total of approx. 155 km. First, a distance of 3.1 km has to be covered by swimming. Then the athletes continue the way for 97 km by road bike, before another 30 km are overcome by mountain bike. Finally, there is a 25 km mountain run that takes the athletes up the Schilthorn and to the finish line. In addition to the particularly challenging Inferno Triathlon, easier races such as the Team Trophy and the Fun Triathlon are also held.

Stay Informed And Follow The Race Live

For triathlon enthusiasts, live data on the event will be offered to follow the athletes and the race. All important info on this can be viewed at The start lists can also be accessed via the mentioned website.

Results And Record Winners

In addition, the results lists from previous years can also be viewed at Incidentally, the record winner in the men's category is Marc Pschebizin from Germany, who has won the competition ten times. In the women's category, the record is held by Nina Brenn from Switzerland, who reached the finish line seven times as the winner.

Inferno Triathlon 2021 Results

2021 Samuel Hürzeler was able to win the Inferno Triathlon in the men's category. He completed the distance in a total time of 8:47.46,8 hours. Petra Eggenschwiler was victorious in the women's category. She reached the finish line after 9:56.37,7 hours.


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The Inferno Triathlon 2022 - Mürren, Switzerland will take place on 19.08.2022.

The Inferno Triathlon 2022 - Mürren, Switzerland takes place in Thun/Mürren/Schilthorn, Switzerland.