Date: 30.07.2022
Disciplines: Swimming 0.75km · Cycling 20.00km
Location: Waren (Müritz), Germany
Type: Triathlon
Day: Saturday

Müritz Triathlon 2022

The Müritz Triathlon is named after the Müritz, the biggest lake that is fully located in Germany. Its home is the federal state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in the north-east of Germany. The state is known for its abundance of lakes and, consequently, many nature reserves and national parks.

Waren Triathlon

Venue for the triathlon is the town of Waren, Müritz, health resort and climatic spa. It is a popular tourist attraction surrounded by lush forests and natural moors. These gorgeous landscapes offer a stunning backdrop for the competition!

Registration 2022

You can register for the 36th Müritz Triathlon taking place on 30 July 2022 on the official website. There you can find dates and prices for the middle distance and the sprint distance. Both distances can also be undertaken as relay races.

Müritz Triathlon: Distances

As with most triathlons, two difficulties are available to choose from: the longer middle distance and the shorter sprint distance. Three different races are to be completed: swimming, cycling and running.

Swim course

Your first task will be swimming. Here you have the option to choose between two rounds of 2 km or just one round of 750 m in the impressively sized Müritz lake.

Bicycle course

Following a dip in Germany’s biggest lake, the participants can take the middle distance 80 km bike course from the town of Waren to Demzin, in the community of Faulenrost. Or they choose the shorter sprint distance of 20 km to the village Alt Schönau. Both routes feature fascinating landscapes and old farmhouses.

Run course

The last discipline will be running, with the longer middle distance course leading along the shore of the Müritz lake. Two rounds of 10 km will add up to 20 km in total. The sprint distance of 5 km will feature only about half the route along the lakeshore, and will be taken only once.


When the race is completed, results and pictures will be published online. Results from earlier years such as 2021 can also be viewed.


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The 36.Müritz-Triathlon will take place on 30.07.2022.

The 36.Müritz-Triathlon takes place in Waren (Müritz), Germany.