O-SEE Challenge 2021

Date: 21.08.2021
Disciplines: Swimming 0.75km · Cycling 26.00km
Location: Olbersdorf, Germany
Type: Crosstriathlon
Day: Saturday

What is The O-SEE Challenge?

The O-SEE Challenge was founded in 2000 by five friends and has since developed into a renowned event in cross-triathlon sport. Several times the O-SEE Challenge has also hosted the German Cross-Triathlon Championship, and in 2014 the ITU Cross-Triathlon World Championships. In addition, it has been part of the international XTERRA series since 2006, and has also served as the venue for the XTERRA European Championships several times, most recently in 2021.

Route And Distance

The O-SEE Challenge takes place at the eponymous Olbersdorfer See in Olbersdorf. Olbersdorf borders Zittau in Saxony, Germany. During the weekend, the competitions for the XTERRA series and several races of the O-SEE Challenge will take place. In addition to various races for children and youth as well as teams, these include the O-SEE Classic and the O-SEE Reduced.

Classic: Distances

At the O-SEE Classic race, athletes must complete the following disciplines and distances in the order described: First, 10 km are swum, followed by 30 km on the mountain bike, before a trail run over 10 km forms the conclusion.

Reduced: Distances

Compared to the O-SEE Classic, the O-SEE Reduced has a slightly shortened course, which is composed as follows: First, the athletes swim a distance of 750 m, then there are 26 km to be covered by mountain bike, and the event concludes with a trail run of 5 km.

O-SEE Challenge 2021

The O-SEE Challenge 2021 took place from August 20 to 22, 2021, in its framework the XTERRA European Championship was held again. The O-SEE Classic 2021 was won by Philipp-Johannes Müller, who reached the finish line after 2:37:43:92 h. In the women's category Pämie Mittermeier was victorious with a time of 3:19:14:89 h. Pictures and further impressions are available on the homepage www.o-see-challenge.de.

O-SEE Challenge 2022

The next O-SEE Challenge will take place from August 19 to 21, 2022. Once again, the German Cross-Triathlon Championship will be held as part of the O-SEE Challenge. Current information for athletes and fans can be found at www.o-see-challenge.de.

How to Train

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The O-SEE Challenge 2021 will take place on 21.08.2021.

The O-SEE Challenge 2021 takes place in Olbersdorf, Germany.