Powerman Zofingen 2021 - Schweiz - mit ITU Duathlon Langdistanz WM

Date: 19.09.2021
Disciplines: Cycling 150 km · Running 10/30 km
Location: Zofingen, Switzerland
Type: Duathlon
Day: Sunday

What is The Powerman Zofingen?

The Powerman Zofingen is a duathlon competition held in Zofingen in the canton of Aargau in Switzerland. The international sporting event was created in 1989 and first won by Andreas Rudolph from Germany.

Distances And Route

The course leads the participants through several Swiss municipalities and cantons. The start and finish are located in Zofingen, as is the transition area. The exact route for 2022 has not yet been announced. The Powerman Zofingen is held over two different distances, namely the long and short distance. The event is supplemented by a charity run as well as several runs for children.

Long Distance

The race over the long distance covers a total of 190 km. First, 10 km are run, followed by 150 km on the bike. After that, the athletes run a distance of 30 km, which leads them to the finish line.

Short Distance

The short distance covers a total of 65 km. Participants first run a distance of 10 km, then cycle 50 km before the final 5 km are completed running again.

Powerman Zofingen Live

The next Powerman Zofingen will take place from September 3-4, 2022. Fans can follow the 33rd Powerman Zofingen via livestream. All information on this and much more can be found at www.powerman.swiss.

Powerman Zofingen 2021

In 2021, Belgium's Seppe Odeyn won the men's long-distance race with a time of 6:06:41 h. The women's race was won by Merle Brunnée from Germany, who finished in 7:07:27 h.

Results And Rankings - History

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The record winner of the Powerman Zofingen is Olivier Bernhard from Switzerland, who has won the long-distance race eight times, most recently in 2004. Erika Csomor from Hungary holds the record in the women's category. In 2010, she won the race for the seventh time.

How to Train For The Powerman Zofingen

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The Powerman Zofingen 2021 - Schweiz - mit ITU Duathlon Langdistanz WM will take place on 19.09.2021.

The Powerman Zofingen 2021 - Schweiz - mit ITU Duathlon Langdistanz WM takes place in Zofingen, Switzerland.