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TRIQ is all about your goals. Want to do Ironman? Based on your endurance our app shows you how much training it takes and maps out the road to race day. It predicts the finishing times and lets you know if you're on track. Oh yeah, and if you don't train it might suggest you cancel.

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We’re here to help.

TRIQ is a dynamic triathlon app that schedules your training. It combines the latest knowledge of renowned sports scientists and coaches with an intelligent algorithm that adjusts 24/7 and within seconds to align endurance training with each athlete’s individual progress, recovery and availability.

TRIQ connects the dots between your training, your recovery, and your daily availability to train. The training aspect of TRIQ relies on your Garmin watch data. After your training sessions, your data automatically uploads to TRIQ.
The recovery aspect of the system is done via a daily check in. The Daily Check In uses your iPhone camera to measure HRV as well as collect heart rate data. Additionally, a series of subjective questions are asked. Upon completion of your quick morning check in, a readiness status is determined and if necessary, the training recommendations are adjusted accordingly.
Your availability to train is manually entered into a weekly availability schedule. This ensures that your training works with your busy life.
Using these three pillars as well as a set of features designed to better understand you, the systems provides training recommendations based on individual and real time readiness feedback, and optimizes your training to fit into your daily availability. Additionally, the system dynamically adjusts to stay in step with you as you move through your training journey.

Yes, certainly! We want you to be sure that we are the right partners to join you on your triathlon journey. TRIQ offers a 14 days free trial so that you can get a feel for how the system works. And at any time, if you have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via the customer support channel!

In order to access the app, you will need an iPhone (iOS 13 and iPhone version 6s or higher). In order to create a user account, receive a training scheduel and for training data to automatically upload, you will need a Garmin sport watch and Connect account.
Optional additions:
1. Heart Rate Monitor. Where available, TRIQ uses heart rate data from your training to better understand how your body meets and reacts to training demands. Additionally, where possible, HRV data is used during training to more accurately assess you aerobic and anaerobic thresholds.
2. Power Meter: if available, TRIQ will use power output from cycling sessions to more accurately analyze the intensity of your bike specific training sessions.

This very much depends on your goal as well as your availability to train. There is no pre-set number of hours required to make use of the training recommendations. TRIQ will assess you availability, your goal, and your recent training in order to recommend individually optimized training.

There is no exact timeline for this at the moment, but of course we plan to make TRIQ available on Android and add other wearables beyond Garmin as soon as possible. Our team is still small and the complexity of our app makes it challenging to add these features quickly. We hope you understand and remain patient with us. We are learning a lot from our Apple users currently and will keep you updated regarding news about Android and new wearables via our newsletter.