Xterra France 2022 - World Tour/European Tour - Xonrupt, Frankreich

Date: 02.07.2022
Disciplines: Swimming 1.5 km · Cycling 40 km · Running 10km
Location: Xonrupt, France
Type: Triathlon
Day: Sunday

Xterra triathlon championships

The Xterra championship events are a magnet for fans of cross triathlon worldwide. The single events are set to beinterrelatable in terms of distances and challenges. This way, athletes can compare themselves with ones from other Xterra events. Still, the landscapes are different and thus, each race is quite unique, of course.

Xterra France

The Xterra France cross triathlon is set in the beautiful vosges region near the German border. It is one of 18 events spread across 10 European countries.

Cross triathlon distances

At the Xterra France, athletes have to master a

1.5 km swim leg across Lac de Longemer
40 km mountain bike leg with 600 m of altitude difference
10 km crosstrail with a 160 m of altitude difference

Xterra world championship

The history of Xterra began in Maui, Hawaii, in 1996, where the first cross triathlon race took place. After that, the fan base grew steadily. Nowadays there are many championships around the globe and each national Xterra qualifies athletes to take part in the world championship that is still held in Hawaii each year, shortly after the famous Ironman triathlon in Kailua on the Big Island in Hawaii.

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The Xterra France 2022 - World Tour/European Tour - Xonrupt, Frankreich will take place on 02.07.2022.

The Xterra France 2022 - World Tour/European Tour - Xonrupt, Frankreich takes place in Xonrupt, France.