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Dynamic training finally gets smart!

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Dynamic training finally gets smart!

Optimized at an instant.

TRIQ creates and adjusts all your triathlon training in the blink of an eye. It almost feels unreal—especially since our triathlon app takes into account the latest sports science and your recovery, your goals and your performance. TRIQ puts a new type of power in your hands—within minutes after you download it.

Don't plan. Just train.

Balancing life, work and triathlon? TRIQ saves you lots of time and makes complex training easy to understand. Change of schedule? Missed session? TRIQ adjusts. No more overthinking, overtraining and wondering ”what’s next?”—with this triathlon app you’ll just know and can focus on getting the work done.

It even gets better.

TRIQ already considers many factors before it sets your first training. But it also learns from your performance, recovery and training patterns to optimize each session even further. For us at TRIQ, being part of your journey means constantly improving with and for you.


Each TRIQ plan
is unique.

Our triathlon app sets and adjusts swim, bike and run training individually—based on personal progress, goals and availability.

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TRIQ protects you.

Integrated daily HRV and freshness check—TRIQ monitors your recovery and adjusts training based on it.

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TRIQ looks
way ahead.

Based on your goals and fitness, the app outlines how much training it will take and plans until race day.

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TRIQ keeps
you on track.

Plans change, so TRIQ immediately adjusts to keep you motivated by always showing you the next logical training step.

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We’re here to help.

TRIQ is a dynamic triathlon app that schedules your training. It combines the latest knowledge of renowned sports scientists and coaches with an intelligent algorithm that adjusts 24/7 and within seconds to align endurance training with each athlete’s individual progress, recovery and availability.

TRIQ connects the dots between your training, your recovery, and your daily availability to train. The training aspect of TRIQ relies on your Garmin watch data. After your training sessions, your data automatically uploads to TRIQ.
The recovery aspect of the system is done via a daily check in. The Daily Check In uses your iPhone camera to measure HRV as well as collect heart rate data. Additionally, a series of subjective questions are asked. Upon completion of your quick morning check in, a readiness status is determined and if necessary, the training recommendations are adjusted accordingly.
Your availability to train is manually entered into a weekly availability schedule. This ensures that your training works with your busy life.
Using these three pillars as well as a set of features designed to better understand you, the systems provides training recommendations based on individual and real time readiness feedback, and optimizes your training to fit into your daily availability. Additionally, the system dynamically adjusts to stay in step with you as you move through your training journey.

Yes, certainly! We want you to be sure that we are the right partners to join you on your triathlon journey. TRIQ offers a 14-day free trial so that you can get a feel for how the system works. And at any time, if you have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via the customer support channel!

In order to access the app, you will need an iPhone (iOS 13 and iPhone version 6s or higher). In order to create a user account, receive a training schedule and for training data to automatically upload, you will need a Garmin sport watch and Connect account.
Optional additions:

  1. Heart Rate Monitor. Where available, TRIQ uses heart rate data from your training to better understand how your body meets and reacts to training demands. Additionally, where possible, HRV data is used during training to more accurately assess you aerobic and anaerobic thresholds.
  2. Power Meter: if available, TRIQ will use power output from cycling sessions to more accurately analyze the intensity of your bike specific training sessions.

This very much depends on your goal as well as your availability to train. There is no pre-set number of hours required to make use of the training recommendations. TRIQ will assess you availability, your goal, and your recent training in order to recommend individually optimized training.

There is no exact timeline for this at the moment, but of course we plan to make TRIQ available on Android and add other wearables beyond Garmin as soon as possible. Our team is still small and the complexity of our app makes it challenging to add these features quickly. We hope you understand and remain patient with us. We are learning a lot from our Apple users currently and will keep you updated regarding news about Android and new wearables via our newsletter.

Until now, you need an iPhone with an iOS version 13 or iPhone 6 and higher in order to use the TRIQ training app. But we are planning on an Android version as well, as soon as possible. But we want to guarantee the best training support for you, so we don’t want to rush into it. 

If you have a Garmin tracking watch, you can use the new and smart TRIQ triathlon training app to approve your training and triathlon skills. Other wearable devices are not yet supported, but in the future we plan to make TRIQ available for more tracking watches. If you would like to be informed about any changes, you can subscribe to our newsletter. 

We want to make sure that athletes get the best support possible. To achieve this goal, we use the knowledge of renowned sport scientists and coaches and combine it with a smart algorithm that is updated constantly. Only this way, we can make sure that you can customize your training to your triathlon goals appropriately. Unfortunately, this service cannot be provided for free. But if you want to test TRIQ before you buy it, we offer a 14 days trial period.

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TRIQ & Triathlon

Building a Game-Changing Dynamic Triathlon Training App

When it comes to triathlon training apps or triathlon training plans, the intelligent solution of the future has to be dynamic, smart and fully individualized to each athlete. It’s a huge technological challenge that has remained unsolved for many years. With TRIQ, our team is finally empowering athletes to become their best in a way like no triathlon app has ever before. Our use of intelligent data and real-time adjusted training, makes TRIQ one of the best triathlon apps.

Triathlon training apps: Smart workout partners

Many athletes can’t imagine doing their workout without electronic devices anymore. They use either smartphones like Apple’s iPhones or wearables like smartwatches. Corresponding apps collect the physical data, like heartbeat rate or pulse and athletes can see how they can improve their fitness.

Triathlon training: Plan your Swim, bike & run

Triathletes have to plan training for three very different disciplines. Plus, training and recovery have to be balanced. This is where triathlon apps like TRIQ come in handy: they create a training plan adjusted exactly to the athlete’s needs and goals. So triathletes only have to stick to the plan and concentrate solely on the triathlon training itself.

How triathlon training apps work

Most Triathlon training apps include the daily heart rate variability and other vital data information, taken from devices, like Apple’s iPhones or watches, Garmin wearables or others. They give you a good orientation for the perfect amount of training and recovery. The TRIQ app has a specialty: it is highly individualized to your personal needs and goals. So, you can consider it an invisible personal coach for your triathlon training available to you 24/7.

Triathlon apps: iPhone and other wearables

There are more and more triathlon training apps available for athletes. Especially sports enthusiasts like triathletes use the information to check on their fitness level. This way, the apps are smart additions to every triathlon training. Especially Apple has many apps in store that help keeping track of the training schedule. The smart TRIQ app, for example, works on Apple’s iPhone or watch. But also Garmin wearables work with TRIQ. Most apps also work on Android devices - or plan to develop one for Google’s Play Store.

Smart training partners: The best triathlon apps

Wouldn’t it be great to have a device to help you with your training routine, nutrition and the perfect time to just breathe and relax? Exactly. There is a great number of apps available. They all have the same goal: Improve your training now and get ready for the upcoming triathlon season. The best triathlon apps like TRIQ will help you to:

  • Schedule your training
  • Optimize recovery and active training periods with your vital data
  • Set individual triathlon goals. So, what are you waiting for? Get a triathlon training app like TRIQ and improve your training experience and fitness now.

Try the TRIQ app for free

With TRIQ you will be fit for the challenges of the next triathlon. Use the free one-month-trial and see how this app becomes your best triathlon companion. You will never want to work out without it again!