What is it like to work for TRIQ?

When I started as CEO at TRIQ, the core team was almost complete. This was a new experience for me — but a very positive one. The founders did a fantastic job of putting the team together. They’ve built an incredibly motivating work environment of experienced experts, forward-thinking talents, and generally smart people who want to change the world of sports while learning together and getting better every day.

There is a great vibe and feeling of team spirit that I am happy to be part of. And this chemistry is crucial to enable the innovation we all know our industry is driven by. At TRIQ we aim to bring real innovation back to sports technology by making triathlon training a seamless and fun experience where time-consuming planning, worrying, analyzing, and stress won’t be playing a role anymore. Based on the training philosophy of world-renowned sports scientists, we will instead implement a real-time dynamic training plan — backed by a powerful algorithm — which will soon be available as TRIQ app for triathletes of all performance levels.

We started as a team of two and added experts and like-minded people to the team as the project developed. The core group and roles are set and we are getting ready to start testing and showing our work to the world.

Max, Founder

In my new position at TRIQ I will also realize my vision of a Great Place to Work: a place where employees get daily inspiration and can develop and learn. An environment where everyone can make a difference, is important and heard. A culture where we all can give and receive honest feedback at any time and where we can live out our passion without politics. An organization based on mutual respect, which – like triathletes – improves every day. And of course, we love sports: Whenever we can’t go running together once a week, we can hopefully do a Zwift session!

Together we will rock the world of sports apps, promote the health and happiness of people based on cutting-edge technology, and realize our vision of an app that empowers the athletes in their individual path to success. I am looking forward to this challenge and living my passion, which is making people’s lives better through the use of data. If you would like to join our team, please have a look at our openings.

Our vision is to create a truly smart app that adds crucial and powerful improvements to the training process of triathletes. It’s personal for us and so having a team that shares the same passion makes it fun to go the distance together.

Philipp, Founder